Wooden Phone Home


A wedge of wood to prop your phone up on. Angled so you can easily see the screen when it’s on your desk, counter, fridge or wherever. Shown with iPhone X. Made from wooden cutoffs from larger projects.

  • Hand made item
  • Generally 3.25″ h x 2.25″ w x 2.25″ d
  • Various woods
  • Dark finish

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Let’s save the world.

Buying a little phone dock won’t save the planet. But you can still put it on your desk, prop your phone up and dream of cleaner, friendlier world for this, and future generations. And a portion from it’s sale go to support the Environmental Defense Fund. Their work does make an impact, and you can too.

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by Sunset Makers

Objects made from wood scraps
in the Sunset District of San Francisco.

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